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Data Recovery Request - Corporate Clients

Step 1: Company information

Step 2: Hard disk details (if known)

 H-D Brand    File or OS
 Model      File System
 Interface    Partitions
 Storage capacity      Has the drive been opened ?  No        Yes  

Step 3: Priority / Instructions

  Please choose the PRIORITY you require  
 Normal Priority, Queue number system.   (09:00 - 17:00) weekdays.
 Urgent, the work is begun immediately.   (09:00 - 17:00) weekdays.
 Highest Priority, the work is begun immediately and even includes       weekends.   (09:00 - 23:00) all days.
Please proceed with Data Recovery provided that the recovery cost lies within the indicated prices on the information page. In the above case there will be no charge for the First Diagnosis  (Recommended Choice)
I only require the initial First Diagnosis
Please remember that a start charge is always applied for RAID Arrays.
 (Mostly for insurance)

Step 4: Additional information

The course of events / What has happened to your hard disk ?
(For example: How did the problem begin, noise from the hard disk etc.)


Special instructions or information
(For example: Which data is most important, specific folder, images, file types etc.)


Has any other recovery attempt been made, if so, please provide some details.


Please note any special agreements concerning charges, budget restrictions etc.


 Would you mind telling us how You found Aurora?:

  I have read the price list and payment
   I am authorized to place this order

Step 5: Included Accessories

 USB / Firewire cables  Power adapter  Extern Case / Cassette
 Hotswap Case  Laptop hdd holder  Original Packaging
 Transport Hard drive  Transport Extern Case  Donator Hard drive

We regularly work 24 hours a day with extremely sensitive and confidential information.
Accordingly, we do not allow visitors for any reason whatsoever.

Step 6: Please check the email address you indicated above and then

You are most welcome to contact us by telephone before sending us your damaged hard disk if you require ADDITIONAL details regarding our charges, or the estimated time for more advanced recovery scenarios.

Step 7: Send us the damaged hard disk

Furthermore, and for reasons of security, we ONLY accept deliveries made by the major courier services:
Jetpak, DHL, FedEx, UPS, Box Delivery, Securitas etc.

If you are living in Sweden, you may use the Swedish postal service known as "Företagspaket" or PEX.
Note: We DO NOT accept any deliveries that require collection, (PostPaket etc).

Aurora´s delivery address for damaged harddisk drives